The impact of online marketing strategy on conversion and revenue growth

When it comes to business growth strategy, several models exist.

If you want to prioritize an organic growth model for your business, regardless of its initial size or industry, then the importance of having a marketing strategy makes sense.

Internal growth is based on increased turnover and therefore sales, or on the need for diversification of activity, for which marketing defines a strategy and an associated action plan. And if, on the contrary, you turn to an external growth model, strategic marketing will support the choice of targets according to the market, the offer, the competition, and the maturity of the recognized players.

Strategic marketing allows you to precisely define the development and growth strategy of your business.

There are many growth strategies and ways to achieve your goals. How to make the right decision, take up the right challenge, choose the right direction?

  • Growth by penetration involves selling more of the existing products or services in its current market. It is the simplest option and the most limited in strategic vision and innovation.
  • Growth through development consists of launching new products or services in its current market. It is a slightly more risky solution, which can require investment and time, but can allow them to acquire a new positioning, to stand out and to innovate.
  • Growth by expansion consists of selling current products or services in new markets. It is riskier because the target is less known and may require communication or device adaptations, but also more profitable because there is no investment in product development.
  • Growth through diversification consists of selling new products or services in new markets. It is the riskiest solution but also the most complete. It is an analysis and strategic positioning affecting both the product and the market and a study of the price, the distribution model, etc.

The main objective of marketing is to understand the markets and their consumers in order to offer them attractive products and services.

Marketing plays the role of champion of the voice of the market; it assesses the potential acceptance of new offers or the establishment of new markets by prospects and customers and measures the impact on turnover.

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