SLIM Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management – The Island

Higher education is a pursuit that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. It prepares students to grow into responsible adults by exposing themselves to the outside world and choosing stable career paths. From this point of view, a postgraduate degree is the ideal higher education route for those who aspire to a career in marketing and business to become an entrepreneur.

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) offers the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDip) to anyone interested and seeking to understand local market conditions and find solutions in everyday business scenarios.

SLIM’s PGDip is the only local postgraduate degree in marketing. The 18-month part-time study program aims to equip prospective students and practitioners of marketing with a solid knowledge of marketing concepts and applications, from the operational level to the synthesis level. The program also instills essential skills such as effective communication, creative and critical thinking, conceptualization, and teamwork, helping students accelerate their career as well as life goals.

In addition to this, the leadership enhancement program conducted by SLIM helps students further develop the personal skills needed at the corporate level as well as in life.

Focusing on key areas such as goal-driven marketing, global marketing, personality development and leadership development, the SLIM PGDip is led by a panel of highly qualified speakers comprising marketing professionals with extensive work experience. Well-balanced assignments and exams allow students to acquire new knowledge and make better decisions.

The SLIM PGDip is a highly recognized educational qualification in the corporate and academic sectors and provides direct entry to pursue an MBA directly at SLIM. Students can invest 6 months, consisting of modules worth a total of 180 credit points, to be recognized by one of the top 100 universities in the UK. SLIM also offers flexible payment options to ensure a wider audience has the opportunity to pursue higher education.

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