PSG partnership frenzy continues, Paris-based marketing management platform Artur’in secures €42m

Artur’in, a Paris-based automated digital marketing solutions provider, secured €42m via PSG. As we have seen with a number of their recent investments, PSG will “partner with Artur’In to accelerate its growth, support the continued development of Artur’In’s digital solutions and drive the expansion of the venture into new sectors and geographies, both organically and through M&A. According to a press release, no personnel changes are expected and start-up investor Ventech will also retain its existing stake

Founded in 2016 by Melissa Serfaty, Philippe Jochem, Pierre-Emmanuel Servant and Rodolphe Gougaud, according to their website, Artur’in “helps real estate professionals to deploy an advanced digital marketing solution”, and yet according to a press release, the The company offers “automated digital marketing solutions…for local businesses.” PSG are wasting no time with this growth strategy as they point to ‘new geographies and new sectors, including HR and food and beverage’.

Artur’in has more than 140 employees in France, the United States and Ukraine, and has more than 3,000 clients in the real estate, automotive, insurance and accounting sectors. Although all their marketing points towards real estate.

“In our view, Artur’In’s technology offers a one-stop-shop to help SMEs develop their digital marketing function, which is crucial for customer acquisition and growth. Additionally, we believe the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of communicating with customers through digital channels, especially for local businesses,” concludes Dany Rammal of PSG Europe.

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