Meet Amirhosein Roueennia, a pioneer in the field of digital marketing management and the most established SEO specialist in Iran

Amirhosein Roueennia

Amirhosein Roueennia is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing management and one of the most established SEO specialists in Iran. With more than 10 years of experience in its field of expertise, Amirhosein is currently collaborating with world-renowned real estate brokers such as Alkhail Real Estate. He also works as the manager of one of the largest and most extensive online real estate portals, Dxboffplan.
Amirhosein holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering. He is also well versed in programming and has thoroughly studied the PHP programming language. In 2012, Amirhosein’s enthusiasm for technology and marketing propelled him at the age of 18 to become a digital marketing manager and SEO specialist. Since then, he has built an amazing professional portfolio.
Amirhosein wears his management experience at Dxboffplan like a medal. He started his work as the manager of this international online portal in 2018 and thanks to his expertise, he managed to fully optimize the website of this vast real estate portal, resulting in an 8-fold increase in its traffic.
Elaborating on his accomplishments, Amirhosein is currently planning to leverage his successful experience at Dxboffplan and expand his field of work on a wider international scale, offering digital marketing services to a myriad of businesses and brands in various countries of the world, starting with the United Arab Emirates.
In order to achieve such an ambitious goal, a new international real estate portal is currently being developed under the supervision of Amirhosein. He oversees and manages all aspects of the design of this new online portal, from front-end and back-end to SEO services. This international portal will be unveiled in the coming months and aims to create a user-friendly interface that connects clients and property developers in a convenient way. This portal will become Amirhosein’s magnum opus; an incarnation of all its know-how and its successful professional experiences.

However, Amirhosein is a visionary, and even such feats will not be enough to satisfy his ambition. While focusing his efforts on expanding his brand and offering digital marketing services globally, he intends to nurture bright-minded people in his area of ​​expertise and build a team of expert specialists. in digital marketing with the sole purpose of providing a wide range of best-in-class digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content creation and management social media.

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