Loans, loans, certify! A direct overview of Simpleview’s Email Marketing Management Course


Are you ready to take your email marketing strategies to the next level? Strategic email marketing can be used to create highly personalized messages aimed at specific target audiences in your CRM, which means you can reach the right people in the most effective way. By learning more and even becoming certified in email marketing strategies, you can take your DMO to the next level.

Simpleview’s Brainery is a tool designed to help you become a product manager. With the freedom to learn what you want, at the pace you want, from anywhere – your journey to optimizing your email marketing tools starts here.

Email Marketing Management Course is available and ready to be certified with interesting courses, training and exams. Designed specifically for DMOs, this course covers everything you need to build a powerful email marketing strategy and create highly personalized messages for specific target audiences.

Learn to:

  • Build contact lists
  • Segment your audience
  • Create a unique and functional design template
  • Set up sophisticated tests to optimize your campaigns

Our team spoke with Rita Wells, Partner Relations Manager at Visit Lauderdale. Rita got her certification in Email Marketing Management through the Brainery and gave an overview of what to expect.

Briefly describe your experience with the Brainery

I took two reflection courses – CRM for Membership / Partnership and Email Marketing. I learned a lot from the two courses. I took both courses after being reassigned to different roles within our DMO and needed a quick way to deepen my understanding of all the tools available to us. They were both difficult, but didn’t overwhelm me. I really enjoyed them.

How Was the Email Marketing Course Beneficial?

I really didn’t know the ABCs of email marketing at all. This course was a great way for me to get a real feel for all that could be done with email marketing, but also pointed out that there was so much more I needed to learn.

What were the main lessons of this course?

The main thing I took away from this course was a better understanding of best practices and the importance of segmentation, using A / B testing, and keeping your data clean for better results.

How will you use the certificate in your current role?

I discussed with my team how we can better target the different audiences we reach out to and respond to what they’re already looking for and even send them out at a time of day they’re most likely to be. active online.

“I think this course is a great crash course in email marketing.”

– Rita Wells, Partner Relations Manager, Visit Lauderdale

Other reasons to get Brainery certification:

  • Professional credibility
  • Relevant experience
  • Growth potential
  • A community of peers
  • Unlimited savings for your team

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