LaLiga transforms its marketing strategy with Microsoft and hundreds of terabytes of data


LaLiga, through its technology subsidiary LaLiga Tech, has transformed its marketing strategy with Microsoft Power BI, which allows it to manage hundreds of terabytes of information and to order, classify and extract value from said stored information via a platform. unique form with interactive charts that exponentially increase the value of data and amplify analytical capability.

Employers were looking for a tool that could support massive workloads, provide flexible environments to allow adaptation and, at the same time, save operational costs. In this context, and in order to take advantage of its data, LaLiga used the Power BI Business Intelligence tool, supported by Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Thanks to this, you can now order, classify and enhance your stored information, as well as visualize and create strategic reports in a precise and totally personalized way: it is easily scalable, secure and dynamic, and allows you to manage hundreds of terabytes of data. information, such as, for example, the almost 75 million performance and game data that are processed daily via Mediacoach during the 21 matches of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank, in addition to the hundreds of millions of data in the pre and post-match related to mobile applications, access to stadiums, ticketing, OTT or audiovisual piracy.

LaLiga’s agreement with Microsoft, reinforced in 2021, has been essential throughout the migration process: in addition to helping the organization assess which products would be the most suitable, it has also offered extensive support, allowing deploy the platform in less time and develop a clear vision of how Microsoft tools could help provide a more personalized experience for fans.

The implementation was orchestrated through Azure Data Factory, where information is divided into small and big data. The former run on the Kubernetes platform and are kept in Azure SQL Database. And these are run through Azure Databricks and maintained through Parquet format in Azure Data Lake. Data is processed through Azure Blob Storage and then fed into Power BI, ultimately presented in over 140 different dashboards that display information in an intuitive and dynamic way.

The combination of Microsoft Azure and Power BI services made it possible to interconnect and analyze all LaLiga data sources in a simple way and from a unified and scalable environment. In this way, the company now has all of its information integrated into a single platform and interactive charts that exponentially increase the value of the data and amplify its own analytical capacity.

LaLiga has used Power BI for different applications, including fan activation, which combines multiple disparate data sources to generate a 360° view of users and optimize digital marketing campaigns. Fan 360 data feeds into a Power BI dashboard that displays detailed user information. The LaLiga Tech team uses this panel to optimize analysis and decision-making: fan habits are studied to simulate how a user might interact with LaLiga content and the interest it shows. Using Power BI, LaLiga can better understand consumer behavior and deliver content specifically curated for users.

It is also used in LaLiga SportsTV, which offers users a place to consume live content on football, basketball, handball, futsal and more. To manage LaLiga SportsTV data and improve digital strategy initiatives, the LaLiga OTT Panel was created: it provides visualization of aggregated user registration data that makes it easier to study their behavior, as well as reporting on most popular types of sports. consumes. This helps LaLiga make user-centric decisions and improve recommendations so that LaLiga Sports TV users can quickly find matches and content from the teams they follow.

Additionally, it is used in Fantasy Football, the game where fans’ player management skills are put to the test by creating virtual football teams. With the official LaLiga Fantasy app, users can select players from across the league and create teams to compete against their friends. This generates a large amount of data, for constant reference and monitoring of player and match statistics. To better understand this data, the LaLiga Tech team consolidated a view of all extracted data through a Power BI panel with which they access analytics related to user demographics, type of leagues they participate in, favorite teams , for player use. and tactical diagrams, and more. In addition to user demographics, information about downloads, competitor metrics, devices, and user feedback is also collected.

With the implementation of this new reporting tool, LaLiga has implemented adoption plans to train its employees. Through this center, Power BI workshops are held internally each time a new dashboard is created, which eases the learning curve and allows users to feel more comfortable with new dashboards. board and reports.

“Implementing Azure and Power BI has allowed us to organize huge amounts of data and improve our decision making. We are now more productive and have streamlined our processes across the board, while being able to share our information quickly. With Power Dashboards, BI manages our time more efficiently, thanks to its dynamic visualizations, which allow us to identify data very quickly,” said Minerva Santana, Chief Innovation Officer at LaLiga.

“Because the solution is built through Azure infrastructure, Microsoft ensures that all LaLiga data is contained in a secure environment that meets all necessary compliance and privacy requirements. And with the benefit that administration , overhead and the high price of physical servers when working in the cloud,” said Rebeca Marciel, Director of Large Enterprises at Microsoft Spain.

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