Instagram Video Marketing Strategy – Tips You Can’t Miss

Instagram is where most of us spend our time these days, especially young people. It has become a suitable place for everyone to watch all content related to entertainment, business, promotion, reviews of various products, etc. Hence, it has become an important place for marketers or businesses to promote their products and services by targeting a wide range. potential customers from all over the world.

Nowadays, Instagram reels have become the new trend for everything. Seeing this, almost everyone realized that if they want to increase the reach of their products and services using consumer engagement, they need to focus on video marketing.

So this leads to the question: What is Instagram Video Marketing?

In layman’s terms, Instagram video marketing means using video content to drive engagement and sales through social media marketing on Instagram, Facebook, etc. On Instagram, you can post both videos and photos, but you can see that videos generate more engagement compared to images or messages. Posting more and more videos will also help you stand out in the feed of various people around the world.

Types of Instagram videos

These are regular Instagram videos that appear in your feed. They are similar to the videos you see on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, categorized by their level of engagement. Users can like, save, and comment on the videos and other forms of content they interact with the most.

Instagram feed videos can be up to 60 seconds long and are set to autoplay without sound by default. You can use thumbnails to get more views on these videos and give them a brief title, increasing curiosity and encouraging people to click and watch. Additionally, you should provide subtitles and tags, which will make it easier for others to find your content. These actions will also help you increase traffic to your website and the number of sales of your products.

If you want fast results and increase your Instagram Marketing, Instagram video ads are the best option. In this case, you can post both in-feed video ads and story ads. If used correctly, video ads can drive more clicks and conversions than any other form of advertising.

These advertisements can last up to 120 seconds. You can create the videos according to your purpose and brand vision using various tools available. You can make videos shorter than 120 seconds, as shorter videos are known to generate the best results. You should focus on using plain language so people can understand what you are offering or what you want to convey through this video.

Stories are something most people on Instagram use every day. They are becoming a popular publishing format. These stories remain online for 24 hours, and after that, they will be sent to the archive section. However, you can make it a highlight if you want people to see that particular story every time they land on your Instagram page. Also, don’t forget to use stickers in your stories to make them more engaging. You can also use hashtags on your Instagram stories that are relevant to your content. Hashtags help rank your story higher and get a lot of engagement. You can also add links on your Instagram stories that will direct them to your website.

Before you promote any product to your followers, you need to nurture them. This will help create a connection between the two of you, and thus they will be more inclined to buy your product. Therefore, these types of videos are considered the best to nurture your Instagram followers. So, create relevant videos and tutorials for your followers and use them in your stories and highlights.

  • Urgent Offers and Special Announcement Videos

Instagram stories work great for time-sensitive deals. As the last, for just 24 hours, you can easily create a story that shows what your product or service offers and for how long. Also, don’t forget to include a link to the sales page and be sure to add the swipe sticker. If you have something important to announce, you should make a video about it and post it on your story or publish it. If your ad is essential to your long-term customers, you can easily convert an expired story into a highlight so people can watch it whenever they want.

Watching live videos is where most people spend their time. Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity by making a habit of streaming live video every day. You can increase your customer engagement or promote your products and services by interacting directly with potential customers in these live videos.

Animated explainer videos

Businesses use short videos to talk about their products and services by delivering their message in an engaging and simple way in seconds. They are a powerful inbound marketing tool that presents a brand as a complete solution in front of its audience in a very creative way. These types of videos drive marketing, increase brand awareness, get better SEO rankings, drive more traffic, and increase business ROI.

Benefits of Using Instagram Video Marketing Strategy

  • Diversify the marketing strategy

We are all aware that photographs are a great approach to promoting the majority of brands on Instagram. If you are running an e-commerce business, on the other hand, it becomes very necessary to use videos to convey additional information about your items and services. This will allow you to broaden the reach of your marketing plan.

  • Use real-time marketing

With Instagram’s information page, you can collect a large amount of information and link it to a variety of marketing analytics tools from third-party vendors. This allows you to unearth information and improve the marketing of your products. You can also get answers directly from your followers by using poll questions and stickers in your stories.

As we discussed in the previous paragraphs, it’s obvious that Instagram videos are great for improving engagement with your followers, who may or may not be potential buyers or customers for your business.

Proper use of your Instagram video marketing strategies will surely help you establish a strong brand presence among the audience. Therefore, people will choose you over your competitors when they are ready to buy.

  • Increase sales opportunities

You can generate more sales for your products and services by increasing engagement using Instagram videos. Studies also prove that people tend to buy after watching a video on Instagram.

Tips for creating engaging videos

  • Capture the curiosity of the public

People always want to know what, why, when, how, where, etc., all these questions. Therefore, it will be wise to keep this urge in your mind if you want create engaging video content. You can achieve this by making the beginning very interesting to create a good impression on the viewer. An intriguing start will keep viewers watching the rest of the video.

Knowing your target audience is very important for creating relevant content based on the product or service you are offering. You need to focus on the type of audience it will best suit. For example, if your product is related to chocolate or a toy, you need to create video content that will attract more and more children, thus increasing your sales.

Using eye-catching visuals will get people to click on your video. You can incorporate text, narration, and animation to create dynamic and engaging video content. Some of the most famous marketing videos these days are explainer videos, tutorials, testimonials, interviews, live streams, product videos, vlogs, and more.

Storytelling is the most effective team when it comes to creating engaging video content. To create a storyline for a video, you can follow one or more storylines and think of a wide variety of story styles like comedy, tragedy, etc., various emotions. This will help you reach a large audience.

You can make your content persuasive by including facts and establishing credibility for your business. But before you do that, be sure to check your credentials, backup claims, etc. This will help you project a special image of your brand and also increase your credibility. You can also work with influencers to create more engaging video content.

Also, try to create video content that can elicit an emotional response from viewers. This will help your content stand out from the crowd and increase audience engagement. Videos that resonate with viewers and have emotional appeal create more impact with audiences.

Being authentic and transparent in your video content will allow the audience to identify your brand or product and increase the chances of being converted into actual customers. Instead of making it a sales pitch, you should focus on showing them what your brand is and what it stands for. You can also explain the process that led to the creation of the product to make the video more genuine and genuine to convince your potential buyers.

To ensure your video resonates with your target audience and helps drive engagement, it needs to be relevant to the audience. Your content should be able to give them a better experience than they might expect. Some ways to make your brand more relevant are to use themes currently central to society, share your journey, talk about any current issues, etc.


Instagram video marketing strategies play a very important role in creating brand awareness, increasing engagement with the public and converting potential buyers into actual customers. Focus on creating your content that is eye-catching, persuasive, authentic and relevant to target the right audience and thereby increase brand awareness, thereby increasing sales. You can also follow the tips mentioned in the article to create more engaging video content and get the desired results.

Komal Kokaté

Co-founder and CEO

Komal Kokate is the co-founder and CEO of MotionGility – An explainer video company. With a keen sense of creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she enjoys exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry.

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