How to change your marketing strategy in Q4 – and start 2022 well


Harness the power of your CRM, leverage existing inventory with new marketing materials and campaign strategies, and volunteer – here are the tactics that will help you meet your year-end goals and start 2022 on the good mark.

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As the final quarter of 2021 approaches, real estate agents are expected to strategize for the months ahead. The fall season is an exciting time for our industry as we leave the slower months of summer behind and start planning for the New Year.

Using marketing tools and tactics to reach your target audience should be a priority as we move into a new real estate cycle. Here are some ways agents should change their marketing techniques at the start of the fourth quarter.

1. Take advantage of the property inventory

As we begin to wind down the year, agents should look to leverage existing real estate inventory by creating eye-catching and dynamic marketing elements – in addition to print and digital ads – to help close business.

It is essential to cast a wide net in your sphere of influence with marketing materials focused on newly listed properties, open houses and postcards that have just been sold. Keep in mind that these pieces serve the dual purpose of helping sell a property and creating a library of documents for you to use, which can ultimately help you win your next listing appointment.

2. Capitalize on your CRM

As 2021 draws to a close, harness the power of your CRM to prospect and deliver value-added items and services to customers. For past and current clients, create a new marketing analysis for their homes and provide an update on how you can implement new strategies to help sell their property.

The opportunities to surprise and delight with holiday-themed treats and gifts are another great way to show how you think about them throughout the season.

3. Use downtime to strategize

As the holidays approach, take advantage of this quieter time to update your marketing plan and strategy for the coming year. What trends are on the horizon? What new markets are to be seized? What goals do you have for yourself and your business in 2022?

Developing an action plan that includes updates to your website, social media profiles, video content, targeted and retargeted digital and social ad purchases, etc. will ensure a refreshed and recharged approach to your business in the New Year.

4. Get involved in the community

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to build genuine relationships and friendships within the markets you serve. Make sure you get involved in your local community and volunteer regularly.

This will help you expand your sphere and allow you to take ownership of an event or cause that is close to your heart. Pairing your skills as an agent with a social or community goal is a great way to end the year and kick off 2022.

In conclusion, realtors should approach the fourth quarter with renewed enthusiasm and use this time to reinvigorate their marketing strategies for the new year.

From harnessing the power of their CRM to leveraging existing inventory with up-to-date marketing materials and campaign strategies, these tactics will ensure a solid end to 2021 and a successful start to the new year.

Rainy Hake Austin is the President of The Agency in Los Angeles, California. Connect with her on Instagram.

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