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One of Indiana the fastest growing counties launched a new unified marketing campaign to better attract new business and labor. Daviess County renamed its Public Outreach for Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, and Visitors Bureau to better reflect the county’s strategic strengths, including unified outreach as “We Are Daviess County”.

WASHINGTON, Ind., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Sporting new logos, content and on-site video segments, the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau launched the first phase of a unified campaign in March marketing and information. New websites for the three county organizations and a unified brand and website – We Are Daviess County – are now live.

“All three entities have had an online presence for a long time, but this new unified approach and content will help better tell consumers Daviess County tell and share what our community has to offer,” said Bryant Niehoffexecutive director of the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation.

The rebranding and development project involved business and community leaders and stakeholders from across the county.

The new strategic marketing effort included the development of a fourth website, located online at https://wearedaviesscounty.com/. The website features an original video production where local professionals and residents tell their stories about why they live and work in Daviess County.

“The ‘We Are Daviess County’ outreach provides an all-encompassing brand that captures the resources, assets and great people we have right here in our community,” Niehoff said. “Each of our organizational websites is targeted to the load of that specific organization: economic development and community growth, connecting with our business community, and expanding our growing tourism sector.”

“Together, this collaborative approach provides different dimensions of the county and explains why people will benefit from relocating here, starting a business, or just visiting,” he continued.

Niehoff added that the launch of the four websites launches a new strategic effort to promote the county on multiple levels through a unified approach. “All of the new logos follow a unified theme that first started with the economic development logo, bringing our brand more together visually,” he said. “Daviess County the economy and development activity continue to grow at a healthy pace, and we want to tell our story holistically as we add new market rate housing and other key developments. »

Telling the county’s big story can build understanding and appeal. “Being able to collaboratively showcase our three organizations committed to reaching people will help take this county to a new level,” said Joe Morrisexecutive director of the Daviess County Daviess County Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. “Economic development is our marketing, positioning and negotiating arm; the chamber works in customer service and advocacy to ensure our businesses have what they need, and the visitors office s strives to attract tourism dollars and allow people to experience Daviess County – the three new websites and the unified marketing approach will help improve this.”

Daviess County is part of Indiana ‘best kept secrets’ and we want people to understand and know more about the positive diversity we have in our communities and workforce, as well as our great amenities,” Morris continued. “When businesses and people seek more information about Daviess Countywe now have new online assets to explain the “why” for further exploration and engagement.”

The three websites now launched at https://developdaviess.com/, https://discoverdaviess.com/ and https://visitdaviesscounty.com/ will continue to grow with additional content, videos and other online assets. Additional marketing efforts to reach specific segments for relocation and retention are currently being planned.

The original music videos on all websites feature the high quality work of Washington expatriate Blaine Fuhsa Daviess County native who runs an award-winning video company based in Los Angeles.

“We were fortunate to have Blaine engaged in this project, both to bring his superb talent to our outreach and also for the fact that he knows Daviess County and its assets inside and out,” Niehoff said.

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About Daviess County Economic Development Corporation

As a county-wide private/public economic development partnership, the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) works to lay the foundation for a brighter future in communities within Daviess County, Indiana. The founding organization of WestGate @ Crane Technology Park, the DCEDC’s mission is to improve the standard of living in Daviess County broadening and diversifying the economic base, promoting quality employment opportunities and improving the overall quality of the place. For more information, please visit https://developdaviess.com/

About Daviess County Chamber of Commerce

the Daviess County The Chamber of Commerce sees its role as both a catalyst for business and community growth and as a nexus connecting key stakeholders in constructive collaboration. We view our efforts as essential to a vibrant business climate and a high quality of life supported by consistent community support. the Daviess County The Chamber of Commerce seeks to strengthen and diversify the regional economy, raise the county’s standard of living, improve the quality of life, and foster the growth and success of local businesses. For more information, please visit https://discoverdaviess.com/

About the Daviess County Visitors Bureau

The Daviess County Visitors Bureau seeks to attract visitors to sample and enjoy the many amenities available in the county, including excellent golf, outdoor activities, history, water sports, camping and more. The Bureau works collaboratively with state, regional and other tourism and destination groups, including the Indiana Highlands, to deliver excellent experiences. For more information, please visit https://visitdaviesscounty.com/

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