Corporate giants choose to hone their marketing management teams with IIDE

With the rapid digital transformation hitting the world, marketing has also gone digital. Large multinationals have taken note and are already embarking on digital marketing. They aim to take it to the next level with performance marketing to further increase their ROI.

Multinationals are seeking to further consolidate their leadership position in the digital space. The tastes of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education provide development solutions for managers to take their marketing strategies to the next level of impact. Corporate giants such as Publicis Groupe, Kinnect, Godrej Professional, Cipla, Volkswagen and Asian Paints have used their expertise in this area to equip their management.

Competition & Challenges

As everyone expands their efforts in digital marketing resulting in higher competition. Now the name of the game has grown into increasing ROI and increasing efficiency. This is why performance marketing has become the center of attention for managers.

Upgrading employees to the strategic level of a company is not a simple task. The need for senior management to further expand their knowledge base is driven by increasing the marketing effectiveness of their organization. They want to understand more than just execution. Managers want to have a holistic view of each strategy and the overall implications for all other stakeholders and departments in the organization.

Additionally, the marketing methodology for each industry differs significantly, so a cookie-cutter solution cannot be provided for companies to follow. The needs of senior executives are highly specialized and require personalized attention.

Personalized training with IIDE

With very specific needs to improve their management framework, companies and even large advertising agencies collaborate with IIDE for corporate training. The Mumbai-based Ed-Tech Institute has trained more than 2,700 employees from more than 20 companies. Their customer base is drawn from a wide range of industries such as automotive, fashion, pharmaceuticals, and even traditional advertising agencies.

The institute has a very experienced team of trainers with 8 to 10 years of field expertise and frameworks integrating digital marketing configurations. The team of trainers is led by their Chief Learning Officer, Meherzad Karanjia, a digital marketing veteran with 18 years of experience in the leadership teams of brands such as Quikr, Pepperfry and agencies like Foxymoron and Schbang.

As a team of former marketing professionals, their training style focuses on integrating the efforts of various departments into a comprehensive marketing strategy to further increase ROI.

Meherzad highlights the corporate training needs of marketers: “Large companies have parallel departments that pursue their effective strategies. To increase efficiency at scale, an integrated approach to make marketing, sales and branding departments work in tandem is the need of the hour ”.

For experienced managers who manage large marketing setups, training should be linked to concrete business goals. Megha Aggarwal, Head of Corporate Communications and Training at IIDE, detailed their process on how hands-on training is delivered.

To ensure that each client receives actionable, tailored solutions, the institute performs a pre-training needs assessment test to create unique proposal decks to accurately understand each client’s needs. During the main developmental training, the IEN uses a range of learning techniques to make their training more effective, such as presenting industry relevant case studies, brainstorming activities, quiz, etc.

After the training, a “post-evaluation is carried out by the institute to measure the implementation of the increase in skills. It is a question of measuring the success of their training by measuring in real time the impact on the strategy. In addition to a solid follow-up assessment, the institute also provides industry-recognized skills and training to participants for further enrichment.

As Megha says: “Our work as a trainer goes beyond knowledge transfer! For us, the success of skills improvement can only be measured by the success of our clients. This is why we use tailor-made training materials and a very ROI approach ”.

The story of the end

Large organizations have adopted the latest and greatest strategies at breakneck speeds in a rapidly changing environment. Yet, due to the large size of the company, increasing competition and the rapid pace of change, an emerging need for leaner and more integrated solutions has arisen. And third-party development providers like IIDE are proving to be a reliable solution for established brands to help them achieve their goals successfully.

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