Caesars Racebook represents a further shift in the company’s marketing plan

Following a decision to drastically reduce marketing via mass media, speculation has pointed Caesars shifting its advertising focus to its rewards program. The announcement of the next Caesars Racebook App indicates that it is.

Caesars has partnered with New York Racing Association to integrate the Paris NYRA platform in its branded horse racing betting channel. If cross-selling attempts work, this investment could bring the company closer to profitability in its online gaming segment.

Caesars Racebook arrives courtesy of NYRA Bets

According to a press release, Caesars Racebook should be available for download “this spring”. He will offer the same mutual betting services on horse racing bettors can currently get through NYRA Bets.

This includes content from over 250 tracks around the world. Content is a combination of disabling preview, race replaysand of course, paris markets. At this time, NYRA Bets is taking action on punters of 30 US states.

Caesars Racebook will be available at the same locations upon launch. For NYRA, this is another joint venture with a well-known national gaming company. Last June, NYRA in partnership with BetMGM for a collaboration.

The big difference between the Caesars Racebook and NYRA Bets apps will be the Caesars brand and rewards program. The latter of these two is the real value in this situation, however.

Caesars Rewards associated with online horse betting

The press release also indicates that, as with the Caesars Sportsbook app, every bet placed by bettors on the Caesars Racebook app will earn them credits with Caesars rewards. According to the Caesars Rewards website, every $3 bet per bettor earns reward credit.

Bettors can redeem them for free bets in the app if they wish. However, there are many other ways to redeem these credits. Many of these options are aimed at enticing app users to visit Caesars commercial properties. For example, reward credits can offset to eat, hotel stays, spa visitsand tickets to live entertainment. Playing poker tables, slots and table games for free while you’re there is another option.

This is where Caesars seems to want to differentiate itself from its online competitors in the future. It’s about being able to convert online activity into physical experiences amid a sea change in the company’s marketing strategy.

Can Rewards Prioritization Replace Ad Reach?

Until very recently, Caesars was a heavy hitter in terms of ad spend on its online sports betting product. A massive investment in the acquisition William Hill United Stateslucrative user welcome bonuses and celebrity endorsements all made up this bottom-breaking push.

It stops, however. At the end of last month, Caesar’s CEO Tom Reeg says that after march madness, there would be a dramatic reduction. Reeg said the company has achieved its goals and people will see the ads “largely disappear” from their screens.

In a market where other online gaming companies will continue to spend heavily on advertising, staying competitive could focus on enticing existing users to take advantage of the benefits they can enjoy on reduced prices at Caesars properties. Many of the 30 states in which the Racebook app will be active also have Caesars-branded casinos within their borders.

While Caesars could lose some share of the online sports betting market due to its relegation from advertising, its likely hope is that it will make up for that with conversions to spend in its physical casinos.

Casino games and other amenities tend to have a higher yield for gaming companies than sports betting. Thus, a casino customer could be worth more than someone simply betting on sports online for Caesars.

The plan to focus on in-app rewards and land-based casinos definitely sets Caesars apart from competitors like DraftKings and FanDuel. In theory, it could work. Another outlet to try and sell people on this plan is Caesars Racebook.

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