Businesses Can Attract New Users By Deploying a Cohesive Marketing Strategy, Says Mayank Tripathi | New Companies

In the time of the global pandemic, when on the one hand most businesses suffered huge losses, the businesses available on digital platforms exploded. Findise Solutions has helped many companies integrate digital platforms, plan dedicated strategies and work with them to execute them. Their customer base is not just limited to India, they also have customers from UK, USA, Australia, Dubai and Singapore. Findise has partnered with over 300 companies worldwide to provide quality service to its customers.

When the pandemic started, few business owners approached him to build their business in the online space and help them with influencer marketing. Findise started with the goal of helping small business owners plan, analyze, and launch their businesses, and many small businesses have moved completely into the online space. The services provided by Findise are technology driven and in step with rapidly changing business and marketing dynamics.

Founder Mayank Tripathi says, “Every business needs personalized strategies to grow, even businesses in the same niche need to execute the strategies in different ways to acquire new customers. By deploying a practical, actionable, and consistent marketing strategy, businesses can connect with millions of new users. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube have become a hyper competitive field, each brand is showing its advertisements on these platforms but fails to achieve its objectives. The reason behind this is the decrease in users attention span and lots of similar ads they see more frequently, they are not able to distinguish between two different ads. Because of this, the CAC (customer acquisition cost) has increased significantly over the past year. When a new user runs ads on social media platforms, they find that the ROAS (return on ad spend) has dropped significantly, most small businesses stop running ads at this point. But after serving ads for a while, ROAS improves because social media platforms are able to determine the right audience for the product and serve ads to the right customers, thus improving ROAS.

On influencer marketing, he says, “Placing the product with the right influencers is very important for onboarding. Brands need to check the audience of influencers and they need to ask themselves what are the end goals of the campaign?. I’ve seen brands not have clear goals on campaign results. Influencer marketing always plays a big role in campaigns noted that they are planned systematically. Today, influencer marketing is the best and fastest way to jump-start your professional journey and acquire new users for your business.” He adds, “Findise aims to work with new start-ups and help them grow their business to heights they can easily reach. funding to grow their business. Few of our startup clients have ever secured funding from strategic investors.

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