As Diwali approaches, what does a smart party marketing plan look like?


We bring you the guide of marketing experts around the festival season …

With the festival season approaching, many marketers are stepping up a gear after months of moderate spending. Before they do, however, now is a great time to briefly press the pause button and think about what constitutes a smart party marketing plan. And to make it easier, The Drum asked marketers and media planners for their tips on marketing around the festival season, which kicks off on November 4 with the biggest – Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights.

“Pay special attention to strengthening the mobile audience strategy,” says Vasuta Agarwal, managing director for Asia-Pacific at InMobi. “In a mobile-driven India, 70% of consumers intend to use their smartphones to learn, explore and shop this holiday season. Brands that allow consumers to experience moving moments of truth will clearly emerge as the winners. Therefore, brands need to focus on strengthening their mobile audience strategy and integrating shopping experiences into every campaign. ”

“Create an inspiring theme that humanizes the brand,” says Atique Kazi, president of data, performance and digital products at GroupM India. “In the past two years we have all lost a friend or colleague or family member or neighbor to Covid-19. This Diwali, brands should focus on creating an inspiring and inspiring theme of care, oneness with emotional accord that humanizes the brand in these uncertain times and creates a sense of oneness – we are in the same boat. . Using creativity, ideas and reaching for them in the right context is the key to a successful Diwali. ”

“Deploy addressable media to reach targeted audiences,” said Deepika Nikhilender, senior vice president for Asia-Pacific at Xaxis. “It’s time for brands to reconnect by harnessing the emotions that have been triggered by the pandemic. This year’s Diwali is one more year with the festival of lights glow, with celebrations perhaps muted and families still unable to reunite. To engage consumers in the evolving digital world, brands need to get rid of clutter by focusing on impactful messages, high user experience, and deep relevance to the action they want to elicit, at the both in the offline and online world. The rise of addressable media, such as DOOH, programmatic audio, and OTT / CTV, will enable brands to reach targeted audiences and deliver messages by leveraging data to achieve maximized performance results for greater efficiency. . ”

“Target savvy Indian consumers with the best deals,” says Stuart McLennan, senior vice president for Asia Pacific at Rakuten Advertising. “Brands (especially international retailers) should look to the affiliate channel and partner with local publishers in the cashback, loyalty and coupons space to have direct access to savvy Indian consumers looking for the best market offers. The pandemic has fueled consumer confidence in e-commerce, and this partnership approach can help international retailers better understand the nuances of the market and locate their messages and offers for Diwali.

“Look to take advantage of omnichannel strategies on the open Internet,” says Tejinder Gill, Managing Director of The Trade Desk India. “The open internet is a powerful bridge to reach new customers during this festive time. Just as many consumers are turning to the open Internet as they are to social media to inform their purchasing decisions. As such, marketers should look beyond search and social media, and leverage omnichannel strategies on the open Internet (OTT, music streaming, mobile apps, websites) to reach their audience. target.”

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