7 Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

By now, most brands have, to one degree or another, understood the importance of social media for their growth and relevance. But not all brands are capable of creating effective social media marketing strategies.

So we reached out to Mehar GulatiFounder of Scarlet Relationships, a marketing agency, to help us understand how we can succeed in our social media marketing game. Read on for steps that can not only help your brand stay relevant, but also thrive in 2022, as Riddhi shared.

1. Know your audience

Before displaying your brand on any social media platform, the first step is to know the target audience for the products or services you are offering. It will also help you know which social media app to host your brand on. For example, if you want to address an audience of mostly young adults, a preferable platform would be Instagram. While if you want to get in touch with professional organizations, LinkedIn is a better option. Defining a target audience will also help you make your content more specific and personal.


2. Know your goals

When building a social media presence, it’s important to know your goals. Your goals should be specific to your brand. Do you want your social networks to have a certain number of subscribers at a specific time or do you want to establish a personal connection with your fans who are loyal to you? Would you want brand awareness or sales growth? Knowing these goals will help you focus your content and efforts on specific things rather than trying to target multiple things at once.

3. Know yourself

Once you have an idea of ​​your audience and have set clear goals, the next step is to assess your position. To build a brand, you need to know where you stand. To audit your social media presence, look at how many followers you have across all platforms, which accounts you are most active on, which accounts serve your target audience, and which platforms you can best invest in . your current status will help you understand your progress rate.

4. Generate a content plan

Once you know the social media application you are going to use to grow your brand and your target audience, start planning a content strategy. Look at your competition to understand what works and what doesn’t. Research your audience and the type of content they interact with the most. Are they more likely to like personalized stories and posts? Do they prefer posts with text or images? By understanding these facts, develop a strategy that aligns with both your brand and your audience. Also, be sure to use any social media tools provided by these platforms.


5. Create a content calendar

To make sure you remember to post regularly and have an idea of ​​what to post, plan ahead. The easiest way to do this is to create a content calendar. You can start planning the different days you will post on different platforms. You can plan your instagram feeds and stories, as well as the release date of new products or activities. Having a planned schedule will also help your audience look forward to new content releases, which will help build buzz.

6. Be consistent

The easiest and most effective way to build a brand is to be consistent and engage with your audience. No matter how many algorithm changes a platform goes through, if you’re consistent with posting and loyal to your followers, you’ll see your page grow. Make sure you listen to what your followers want and get them on board with your new brands by doing surveys and AMAs. Consistent posts and reels will also help you keep up with new trends, which will help you find a new audience.

7. Analyze and optimize

Once you’ve started posting and creating, the next and most important step is to track your progress. Keep an eye on your engagement status and see what your audience likes and dislikes. Modify and optimize your plans based on these metrics. Trial and error is the only way to learn what works and what doesn’t; don’t be afraid to adjust and change your plans as you go.


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