6 Steps to Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy

To boost conversions and improve your reputation, content marketing is key. Before you get started, you’ll need to plan a winning content marketing strategy yourself. By using this six-step approach, you will soon see results.

Determine your goals

When planning a content marketing strategy, the first thing to do is assess your goals. Setting your goals makes it easier to plan appropriate tasks and assess your progress. Here are some of the typical goals of content marketing:

  • Generate high quality leads and drive sales.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Gain authority and opinion leader status.
  • Improve your SEO.
  • Better engagement on social networks.

    Think about your KPIs

To craft a winning content marketing strategy, you’ll also need to think about your KPIs. KPIs help you measure your success and improve your ongoing marketing efforts. There are many KPIs you can track, including shares, backlinks, shares, and downloads. You can also track interactions and reviews, lead generation, and conversion rates.

Once you start hitting your targets, you can use your KPIs to move the goalpost and aim higher. Keeping an eye on your performance is crucial. If you’re having trouble with your marketing and need help, work with a SEO company is a loud cry.

Focus on the audience

When planning a content marketing strategy, you need to focus on your target audience. To create the right kind of content, you’ll need to leverage insights from your buyer personas. What do you know about your audience? What do they value? What are they interested in? The more data you have, the easier it is to create relevant and engaging content.

It can be helpful to divide your audience into different segments. This way you can offer personalized marketing, to gain trust and loyalty.

Research your competitors

If you don’t want to lose customers, you’ll need to stay ahead of your competition. Be sure to do plenty of competitor research. Carefully analyze the content they put out, it’s your job to offer something more appealing. When you do search for competitorsyou can focus on the following questions:

  • What type of content are your competitors using?
  • How would you describe their content style/tone of voice?
  • How is their content unique?
  • How can you provide additional value to the audience?
    Choose your platforms

Deciding which platforms you will use is an extremely important part of your content marketing strategy. When it comes to social media, you’ll need to focus on the platforms your target audience uses. For example, Tiktok is more popular with Gen Z, while Facebook is preferred by older millennials and baby boomers.

Once you’ve identified your platforms, you need to make sure you’re posting the right content in the right places. Each social media platform has different strengths, and understanding these strengths will help you improve your content strategy.

Content support tools

There are many different content support tools that can help you improve your content marketing strategy. From content creation to analytics, the right technology can help you design the perfect campaign. If you are looking for visual content creation tools be sure to check out Canva and Pixlr. For help with topic ideas, try using Answer The Public or Hubspot Blog Topic Generator.

Focusing on these six steps will help you plan the perfect content marketing strategy. The more effort you put into the planning stages, the more likely you are to succeed. Determining your content goals is the first step. Don’t forget to track your progress, analytics are the key to continuous improvement.

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